Soil Science_ IPB


Soils and lands are natural resource components having vital functions for human and other living organisms. Short-term needs and benefits in their exploitation are frequently triggering various hazards, to name a few:
– erosions
– landslides
– floods
– drought and
– pollution.

Studying the nature and the dynamic of soils and lands and their management strategies is, therefore, a challenging issue and definitely always up-to-date. Moreover, this is relevant to current situation where pressure to lands is lucid. Managed under the Faculty of Agriculture, The Department of Soil Science and Land Resource is one of the oldest departments established by the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).

To be a center of excellence in education, research, and community services in soil sciences, land resources and soil management technology to support sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and national development

To develop human resources, science and technology in prudent soil/land utilization for the benefit of the community

1. to implement the undergraduate program in soil science and land resource, which is relevant to community needs
2. to develop research activities and community services to enrich the educational processes
3. to implement quality-oriented educational management system

Partnerships with national and overseas universities have been developed and maintained through global strategic cooperation, which include student and lecturer exchanges with Japan (Kyoto University, Nihon University, Chiba University, Osaka Gas Foundation, Toyota Foundation, Tokyo University of Agriculture), Germany (Gottingen University and Bonn University), and France.

Mail Address
Department of Soil Science and Land Resources
Wing 12 Level 5
Jalan Meranti. Dramaga Campus.
Bogor 16680. Indonesia

Phone: +62 251 8629360
Fax: +62 251 8629358
Email: soil_dept @

Head: Dr. Syaiful Anwar, MSc

Deputy: Dr. Baba Barus, MSc


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